A year without a triathlon?

Unlike Chrissie Wellington I can’t say that I have reached the pinnacle of my sport and am taking a step back to enjoy other aspects of life. What I can say is that I still feel burnt out from 3 years of chasing Ironman and I am having trouble staying motivated to train for my upcoming half in June. I am still putting in the time in addition to crossfit but my heart has not been in it. So, when I was given an out I jumped at it.

Coach Vader accepted a new job in March and is working much closer to home. That combined with other factors got us seriously thinking about moving. We are not looking to move very far but downsizing and less of a commute would be a nice change. In order to make a move in the next month or two we would have to do a lot of debulking as they say in the pathology world. The house needs a little sprucing up and de-cluttering. This means packing away a lot of our 20 years we have spent in this house. This won’t happen overnight and without a bit of effort. I could not possibly do this and train for a triathlon and work and go to crossfit. Coach V has an Ironman in August plus he is coaching so he needs to put in the time for his race. As per usual this leaves me with the bulk of the work. It also brings up lots of memories of cleaning out my parents house when my mother died. Needless to say a half ironman I am totally not into is taking the backseat.

Right now I am enjoying the crossfit and I don’t need any extra motivation to get me there 5 days a week. It also takes a LOT less time than triathlon. So, triathlon loses. Will I still swim, bike and run? I can assure I will still run. I am sure I will get in a few open water swims. As for my nemesis the bike it is hard to say. I have a weekly spin class paid for through May. After that, it might be a rare sight to see me riding. I would like to say I will but I am going to see how the next few months go. As I found out in the past, the only thing more stressful than buying a house is selling one. Can’t wait!

Once we get things settled it is possible I will sign up for a fall tri but for now…it is the year without a triathlon!



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