Crossfit Paleo Update

It is week 4 of Crossfit and week 2 of the Paleo diet – lots of changes going on. First, let me say that Crossfit came at the perfect time. It distracted me from trail running failures and got me focused on something new and different. Something that it was perfectly OK to suck at.  It has been hard but doable and at most it last less than 45 minutes. I can do anything for 45 minutes. I really think I prefer intense short sufferfests instead of long un-ending sufferfests. I am a lot less sore than week one. However, I did just do 150 box jumps and 150 squats tonight so I may not be able to get out of bed in the morning.  I am loving the variety and looking forward to more fun in the future.

As for Paleo, I am still struggling with the lack of bread. The gluten free bagels were awful but the Udi’s gluten free bread is much better and I got to eat a sandwich today. I am feeling very tired in the early afternoons right after lunch but it is hard to say if it is because of the diet, crossfit or poor sleep. I have been experiencing weird excessive thirst which is part of the Paleo detox. I guess that means some changes are going on with my metabolism. The reason why I am even attempting this “diet” is to change the way my body uses fuel for endurance events. It’s not about weight loss for me, although I know plenty of people who have lost a LOT of weight on this diet, Coach Vader included. I just want to keep my pancreas working the way it was designed for the rest of my life and stop the sugar spikes exacerbated by gus, gels and all the things we rely on as endurance athletes to get us through races. If I can make it through another week or so I should be in the good fat burning stage.

The experiment continues. I just hope I can get out of bed tomorrow morning!



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