Feeling strong but out of shape

A lot has happened since my last update. We sold our house and are now living with some friends about 2 miles from the location of our new house. The new house is under construction and will not be ready until October. I am continually being told that it probably won’t be ready until November but in this one instance I am choosing to be optimistic. There was a lot of packing and cleaning to be done before closing but all in all it went pretty smoothly. It’s been almost 3 weeks since we officially moved out and I have been trying to get back to my normal routine.

The first week was spent being sick. My throat started to feel scratchy the instant we left the lawyer’s office. All the hard work, stress and lack of sleep caught up to me. I hadn’t been to crossfit the week prior but felt like I got plenty of crosstraining while we were packing and moving. 2 weeks later I returned to crossfit.  I felt like it had been forever.  Speaking of forever, I had not gone for a run since before we started getting the house ready for sale. Was that May? Wow!

So, last Friday I decided on a little run after work. My fellow Lou-natics from IM Louisville are all training for Ironman Mont Tremblant and Ironman Florida. Every Friday they do a long run unless they have a big biking weekend. They had already left on their 14 miler so Coach Vader (in Mont Tremblant taper mode) and I started out running together. I had only planned on 2 miles to make myself feel better about not running but also to not get discouraged at how out of shape I was. Well, Vader had a different plan. He pushed me to run at his slow pace (not slow for me at all) and he made me run for 30 minutes. It hurt but I am glad he pushed me. I ended up doing 3 miles and although it was at a decent pace, I still felt out of shape.

For the last 4 years I have been running ultras, training for triathlons and chasing Ironman. I had a darn good base that made me feel I could run just about anything at any time and while it might not be pretty, I would definitely finish. Right now I feel like I am STRONG! Stronger than I have ever been. I can lift heavy stuff, I am more flexible than ever and I am feeling fit. Problem is I don’t feel like I could run more than a 10K right now. I have not put any of this to the test mind you, it’s just my gut feeling. Many have people have told me they have cut back their endurance training with no detriment since starting crossfit but it just doesn’t seem right. I am also basing this on absolutely no running except at crossfit for the past 3 months. I will reserve my judgement until I have started running a bit more consistently.

What about swim, bike and run? I honestly can say I do not miss my bike, AT ALL. I almost packed it in the storage pod until October but I ended up taking it with me. I do miss the time spent with my fellow Lou-natics but that is the only part I miss. I am hoping I get an itch to ride at some point since I have a lot of money invested in that particular sport. As for the swim, I got a little open water time in last month. My Crossfit Coach – Dan Petro of Crossfit West Cobb (13th fittest man in the world at the 2013 Crossfit Games!) – did some water WODs while training for the games. I did a fun one where we swam 400m, ran a half mile, did 50 KB swings, 50 air squats and 50 pushups and then ran another half mile. It was great to get back in the water but boy was I in bad shape for that swim!

Do I miss triathlon? I can honestly say I don’t right now. Last weekend I went to the Acworth Women’s Sprint to cheer on some friends and I didn’t feel like I was missing out on the fun. We will see how I feel when I am race sherpa next weekend at Ironman Mont Tremblant. What I do miss is the shared misery of training with my friends. When trail running season starts again we will be back at it. We are already planning a race in Nicaragua for next February. In the meantime I need to get my butt back on the road. I got some new running shoes yesterday so that’s a start. I just need to keep it going while the rest of the athletes are racing this weekend. I can’t afford to take another week off so it will be hotel WODs for me while the Ironmen rest, race and recover.

Coincidentally, last week also coincided with my 6 mth mark at Crossfit. Took this picture as motivation to myself:


Those skinny arms are not so skinny any more! I also got my DEXA results as part of a study at Kennesaw State and the results were actually better than the dunk tank results. My followup dunk tank visit (see Dunk Tank Flunkie) showed that I lost 5lbs in 6 weeks but I lost more muscle mass than actual fat and my % body fat barely went down. I am not entirely surprised since that 6 weeks was when we were moving and work was insane. I barely ate I was so stressed out. The good news is that pesky post Louisville weight was gone but so was some of my muscle. The dunk tank is not the most accurate judge of body fat but DEXA is as accurate as you can get since it takes your bone density into account. I was much happier with those results since my body fat was less than my Dunk Tank results. All things on the positive side for the most part. I just need to start eating better and put back on that muscle I lost.

So what is coming up? Getting back on track with running, CF workouts and looking forward to ultra season. I am signed up for an 11K road race in November, plan on a 12 mile trail race in October and probably that 25K in February (although I could probably be talked into the 50K). Hopefully, we will be in our new house in October and things will be a little more calm. Look for Mont Tremblant updates next weekend!




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