Never mind the Muscle ups

Crossfit Open 14.3 and 14.4

After the Overhead Squat PR and big score of 1 point from last week, I eagerly awaited the announcement of 14.3.

Here is the workout:


I knew a ladder of heavier and heavier weights was coming and I was not disappointed. I was only a few days recovered from the 60K so in a way this was a good one for 14.3. This was going to be brute strength and not a huge output of endurance since step ups could be substituted for box jumps. My deadlift PR was 125 lbs. Deadlifts kind of scare me. I never really push too much on this because I am always afraid that one false move will seriously mess up my back. 95 lbs was going to be fine but then it bumped up 40 lbs for the next round. I was fairly confident I could do this also but I figured I was done after that. Surprisingly I completed 9 at 155lbs, setting a new PR and scoring a 64. Woo hoo! This put me at 199/214 with scores for 3 weeks for 45-49 yr old women in the Southeast. Not great but lots of ladies had already dropped out after weeks one and two and heavy weights are not my strength. Ha!

Actually, nothing in Crossfit is my strength right now. Its all a work in progress but  I have come a long way in a year. I just have to keep reminding myself of that fact.

Then came 14.4. There were hints earlier in the week that this would be a “chipper”. A workout with many reps and many movements  that you chip away at.


So, rowing is fine. Toes to bars is fine too although 50 is a lot for me. I think I would be super happy to get one wall ball done. No need to worry about Muscle ups or heavy cleans because I am just not getting there and I only know a handful of people who can do muscleups which is why this movement is last. If you actually get all of this done before 14 minutes are up you get to start back at the rower.

The clock starts and I do an easy 60cal row which ended up being about 1000m. I head to the bar and start my toes to bar. The plan was to stick to singles and get the most rest before I cmpeltely tired out and couldnt do any. It started going wrong very ealry on. In class we are a little less strict than in competition. Both feet had to hit that bar every time. I had probably as many “misses” than legal reps and after 14 minutes I had only complted 19 of the 50 succesfully. I was really bummed and knew I wanted to repeat this before Monday.

I am currently getting ready to repeat this fun workout and found this online:

Beginner Strategy Tips

  • No muscle ups

  • Struggles with consecutive toes to bar

  • Cleans may be heavy

  • Goal 110 reps

If you are here the biggest focus should be to get off the rower relatively fresh so that you are at your absolute best during the toes to bar.

Pitfall to avoid – If your 1 set max of toes to bar is 5, DO NOT start with a set of 5! The best plan of action here is 50 singles with no missed reps. Missing reps will crush your spirits and waste precious time! You will have 10-11 minutes to get 50 toes to bar so 50 solid singles is better than 40 reps and 30 no reps!

Sounds about right and yes, crushed spirits were had on Friday.

I thought about repeating it again Saturday morning but instead did the WOD I missed on Friday and planned to repeat 14.4 on Sunday. I felt like  was ready to go but as soon as I got on the rower it seemed harder than I thought it would be and then I missed my first T2B, then the second and then I was mentally done. I am too embarrassed to say how many I actually got but it was significantly worse than 2 days ago. I did more in practice once it was over than I did during the workout. My toes get up there almost every time they just don’t always touch or one touches. That’s just very frustrating. I know I can do so much better and  I could still repeat it one more time on Monday but I decided to just let it go. Coach Dan says its more of a flexibility thing than technique and it wasn’t going to get better in 24 hours. Maybe if I had skipped Saturdays WOD and then tried it Monday I could have done a few more but it would not be a huge difference. Just more things to work on. I know there are a lot of 45+ yr olds who can’t do this movement at all so I should be happy about that too.


Only one more week to go and given what movements have not been tested yet, and have been in the past, it will most likely be burpees and thrusters. I am just hoping its not super heavy thrusters in the beginning so I can put a score on the board and feel good about completing all 5 workouts. That is something I could not have done 12 months ago or even 1 month ago so I have to be proud of that.

On the competition front I am so proud of how well everyone is doing at Crossfit West Cobb with Coach Dan Petro getting back on the rower for the second time in 14.4! There are some great performances going down every week and I can’t wait to see what everyone does next week.

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