New Year, new forms of insanity

It’s been a long time! I have started and stopped numerous posts since last September. Time has been scarce and lots going on. Quick recap – I lost my mind and signed up for Ironman Chattanooga, we moved into a new house, I lost my mind again and signed up for a 60K trail run, I took a much-needed vacation at Christmas, started training my ass off for the trail run and taking baby steps towards the Ironman and then I lost my mind again and signed up for the Crossfit Games.

What the F is wrong with me? I was pretty happy doing just Crossfit and cheering my fellow runners and triathlete friends on at their races. The lure of a nearby Ironman swept me up and then reality started to kick in. I had not run more than a mile at a time since spring. How should I fix that? Sign up for a 60K trail run to get my ass in gear. Never mind that is longer than I have ever run at one time. I have completed four 50Ks but that extra 10K seems excessive. OK, let’s start running. Coach Vader suggested I try running short but often. So for the first month I worked really hard at getting five 5 mile runs in each week. I came pretty close to getting this in each week and was surprised at the fact that I could run that far after a long hiatus. I have been slowly ramping up my long runs and this weekend was my first real back to back run. Saturday was 6 easy and pleasant miles after crossfit and Sunday was 16 not so easy trail miles. Monday I was quite sore but not terrible. I think the race will be OK but it certainly will not be pretty. It will be a PR by virtue of the fact that I have never run that far before but it will be slow. I am OK with that. It’s all part of “Operation Build a running base again”.

So, running is on track so it was time to start easing my way into tri territory. 2 weeks ago I had my first spin class which was fraught with problems. My tri shorts kept riding up adding to my discomfort of not being in the saddle since JULY! My legs felt heavy and sore since I did crossfit right before class. Note to self – next week bike shorts and no crossfit. The next week I decided to swim before spin. I kept it easy per Coach Vader’s instructions and swam some 100s and 50s for 30 minutes. I barely made 1000m. Not good! I still know how to swim, I am just slow as sh**.

Following the swim was a 20 minute power test on the spin bike. Twenty minutes of torture but I made it through and had a good test but my numbers sucked. So, it’s official! I have a long way to go to get into Ironman shape by September.

If that wasn’t depressing enough I decided to sign up for the Crossfit games. I was in the process of signing up Coach Vader ( he has been putting in 2 a day crossfit workouts these past few months) and decided what the hell? It’s only a $20 entry fee. I will be doing the workouts any way as part of our Boxes programming and I am officially a Master (aka old bitch) as of the 31st. What could go wrong?

I think my new, New Years Resolution will be don’t sign up for anything else and get through 2014 in one piece with at least one shred of sanity left.




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