Open Season


The 2014 Crossfit Games Open started last week. Last year I had only been crossfitting for a couple of weeks and had no idea what it was all about. This year I decided I would sign up as a baseline for next years progress. I have been making progress pretty steadily the last 6 weeks at crossfit – getting PRs on my lifts pretty regularly and I even did a few unassisted pull-ups. That was my big goal since starting crossfit so I am feeling good with my progress. There is still so much I need to work on and the fact that crossfit has to take a back seat to IM training soon is not making me happy.

Here is how it works – every Thursday for 5 weeks a new workout is announced and everyone who is entered does the workout and posts their score by the following Monday. After 5 weeks are up the top scores qualify for regionals where they compete head to head for a chance to go to the finals. The first workout of 2014 is called 14.1. As luck would have it the live announcement of 14.1 was going to be done here in Atlanta and we won tickets through our crossfit gym. So, I blew off a workout to go find out about an upcoming workout and watch two people compete against each other while doing the workout. Makes perfect sense right? It was a once in a lifetime thing so we went and had a lot of fun. It was hosted at Crossfit North Atlanta and they had great food and beer. Prior to the announcement there were a few competitions from people in the crowd that were amusing and got everyone fired up for the main event. At 8:00 we were live with the hosts of the Crossfit Games and the number 5 and 6 from last years games were there to demonstrate 14.1 – Marcus Hendren and Garrett Fisher.


And 14.1 is….a 10 min AMRAP of 30 double-unders and 15 snatches (75/55). Well, crap! I absolutely suck at double unders. When we have a WOD that has DUs I always do the singles x3. I don’t even try DUs. Chalk that up to being bad at so many things you have to pick your battles and now it comes back to bite me in the ass! Literally, since my ass was slashed quite a few times with my rope while practicing my DUs.


Surprise! Friday’s WOD at my box was 14.1. I went to the 4:30 class with every intention of practicing and not doing the actual workout until Saturday. After a bit of practice and learning that the second parts only requirement was to get the bar over your head I settled on attempting it with a clean and push press. Doing one single and then one double at a time I managed to get a total of 70 DUs and 30 clean/push presses in 10 minutes. I was pretty happy and surprised by that result. I knew it was not a great result but given my given my lack of DU practice it wasn’t bad at all. For a very brief time on Saturday I was even in the top 25 for women 45 -50 in the Southeast. That rapidly changed by Monday where I am now sitting at 177/273. The number one 45 – 50 yr old in the southeast scored 308 which is almost 7 complete rounds. I barely started my third. The number one woman over all scored 472. That’s 10 plus rounds. The highest men’s score is 461. If I was good at DUs this would have been my place to shine since it was more of an endurance event. Once we start having workouts that start piling on weight I am totally screwed. Again, this is a baseline for next year so it is all good experience.


I am excited for and dreading 14.2. I have to do it Friday morning before we leave for Land Between the Lakes.  I figure it was best to do it right before instead of right after the race when I will barely be able to walk. This is my couch to 60K race for ramping up my run base for Ironman. I am not feeling super confident about it but I think I have plenty of time to trudge through the woods to get it done. The conditions are going to be a bit swampy since KY got a ton of snow this past weekend and are still waiting for it all to melt. Meanwhile its going to be 70 and beautiful back here in Atlanta. Yipee! There will be lots of friends in KY so it should be a good time. Vader is staying home to take care of the Betts. He tore his hamstring a couple weeks ago in an interval workout where he pushed a little too hard without adequate warmup. He wasn’t super excited about this race so I am sure he is not feeling too bad about it. Stay tuned for a LBL race report and 14.2 update next week.

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