Well, not exactly but under contract! It’s been a stressful couple of weeks but all the hard work paid off. Under contract in less than a week! Now we have to seriously start looking for a house. We have found the neighborhood. There are a few resales and some new construction is under way so its just a matter of getting the mortgage thing going and finding the right fit and timing. The stress is not completely over but things are falling into place nicely!


We are getting some much needed rest while at Eagleman 70.3 but vacation will soon be over. I was a tiny bit sad I wasn’t racing on Sunday but I got over it quickly. Looking forward to getting back to my Crossfit routine and getting some runs in. It’s been a few weeks since I ran any real distance. Eating needs to get back on track too. While getting the house ready I missed a few meals and now that I am on vacation I have been eating all the wrong things.

So, here’s to a fresh start on all fronts!

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