The end of March Madness: Thrust-ees and Sweati Yeti Princesses

So, March is just about over and the Games are officially done as of 8pm tonight. What a month it has been! My first Crossfit Games, 2 lifting PRs, a distance PR at the Land Between the Lakes 60K and topped it off with a fun Yeti Nightmare Run. I ended up 127 out of 133 of the 45-49yr old women in the southeast that completed all 5 workouts. Not particularly fabulous BUT there were 316 ladies in this same category 5 weeks ago. I know I have a lot to work on but I have come pretty damn far. Looking forward to seeing what I can do in 2015!

Here’s how the last week of March Madness played out: It’s the last week of the Games and the final workout – 14.5 – was announced on Thursday. Here it is:


This was a  little different than anything put out there prior since this was for time. The entire thing must be completed to get a score. I was a little nervous since my thruster PR was 75 lbs. I have done shorter workouts at 65 lbs but they were not fun. This was going to be 84 thrusters. I was so bothered by that fact I didn’t even care about the 84 burpees. I had been feeling pretty tired and still wasn’t sure I was entirely recovered from that 60K so I gave myself another day off before tackling this workout.


I originally thought this was going to take about an hour to complete. I started looking at the times that had been posted in our box and I figured I would be in the 30-40 min range. By comparison the winner of the 2013 Crossfit Games finished this in just over 8 minutes. Saturday morning arrived and I made sure I got up early enough to get a little bit of food in my stomach in addition to a cup of coffee. I was actually pretty nervous because I had heard how much this one sucked.

Timer started and I began with sets of 3. This became sets of 2 by the end of the 21. I broke up each round of the burpees into to 2 sets and then got back to the bar. The 18 set was definitely tough but Dan told me that I was halfway done so I tried to keep that in mind. The set of 15 started to get pretty shitty when I started feeling dizzy and slightly nauseous. Again, the burpees were not that bad. It was those damn thrusters. I was doing good on the clock as far as my goal and before I knew it the 12s were done and the end was in sight. Don’t get me wrong there was still a LOT of cursing but it was getting done. I knew I would be just over 30 minutes and those final burpees were probably the fastest of the day – 33:56. Done! It was by far the worst of the five workouts of the game.


My first Crossfit Games were complete and I was able to put up a score every week. I was extremely proud of that fact with only one year under my belt. I had 2 weight PRs and did more double unders than I ever thought I could do. I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish next year.

I wanted to celebrate the end of the Games but there was a little 10 miler I had to do at 8pm the same night. I had a beer or two in the afternoon, a light & very early dinner and got my gear together for the evenings race. I did this race last year on the inaugural running and had a blast despite just getting over the flu. This year we added a little twist to the run. My friend Terrie was disappointed she missed out on the bad prom dress race while we were in KY. I told her we could do the Yeti Nightmare as a fun run instead. She came up with the idea of combining the two and it became the Yeti Prom Nightmare Run. We found some cheap thrift store prom/bridesmaid dresses and I decided we had to have tiaras to finish out the costume.


Terrie said I looked like Elsa from Frozen. Frozen is currently my goddaughters favorite movie but that could probably be said for every 8 yr old girl right now. I shared the complete dress pic with her and she was horrified that I was going to cut it up. I took out the crinoline and shortened the under dress and then “fringed” the rest of it. I thought it would work pretty well.

Race time! We got a few funny looks but most people seemed to enjoy the spirit of the whole thing. The night was a bit cooler than expected so I added a rain coat to my ensemble but otherwise the outfit worked great. My skirt got snagged on a few pricker bushes and my headlamp and tiara were competing for head space but it was not as bad as it could have been. I imagined nightmare chafing but I fared pretty good. We ran the majority of the trail except for some more technical areas that were harder to navigate in the dark and we had about 5 water crossings but shockingly did not end up that muddy. I thought we moved at a pretty good pace but in the end we were the last to finish the 10 mile race.

In the end we had a great time and I think we started a trend  with the Sweati Yeti Princess Club. Look for more Princesses next year.



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