The Great Crossfit Experiment

Since last year I have heard all the claims of how Crossfit will make you a stronger triathlete. Ironman Louisville was my main focus until August so I put any thoughts of CF on hold. John gave Crossfit a try in October and was pleased with the results. I still had a few more races on my schedule and my plan was to start in November. John worked a lot with one of the coaches at Crossfit Smyrna and found that he was opening his own gym. John suggested I wait to start at the new gym which would be super close  to our house. The gym was supposed to open in December but in the meantime I had Mountain Mist 50K on my mind.

There were delays with the landlord and as timing would have it the new gym opened the Monday after the 50K. Perfect! My race schedule was virtually clear with the exception of Red Top Rumble the following weekend and Eagleman in June. Plenty of time to give this experiment a whirl.

So, 3 days after Mountain Mist I started Crossfit. My first WOD (workout of the day) was a rough one. This was the published WOD:

Burpee Broad Jump (25m)
OHS x20 (135/95)
Toes to bar x15

I am not sure what OHS is but we did squat thrusts as a substitute for the beginners. I made it through 2/3 of this plus one more round of Burpee broad jumps in 20 minutes. The combination of being tired from Mountain Mist and never doing anything like this was a killer. My heart rate was through the roof and I was dripping sweat. The entire time Coach Daniel was observing, correcting and encouraging throughout. Yes, an Ironman does not mean squat in crossfit. I was definitely sore the next day and on the second day my ribs felt like I had been punched repeatedly. So, what did I do? I went back. The next workout was much better and since it was adjusted for a beginner I was able to complete it. Not easily but it was doable. I took Friday and Saturday off since I knew I had a PR on my mind for Red Top Rumble.

Week 2 – I went Mon, Wed and Friday this week. I also got some of the Ironman Lounatics to join me. Each day was tough but I completed everything including Fridays workout which was as difficult as my first day. I am sore in new ways each time but I will be back next week and I look forward to seeing where this will take me.


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